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Medical What are the effects of Ovarian Cancer?

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    The woman I love has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer; so any info, or personal experiences shared here would be much appreciated.

    Of course she has a doctor to tell her what to expect. But it just so happens to be a very touchy subject with her; and getting any feedback on any matter at all, has always seemed to be just like pulling teeth. Needless to say: she is a very private person. I just hoped that maybe I could gather some information on my own, so that I could talk to her about it.

    Specifically, aside from the obvious distressing effect of being faced with ones own mortality: what are the biochemical effects on the mind, if any, of this malady?

    She had seemed somewhat depressed to me for a long time even before she was diagnosed; so I thought perhaps that the cancer was affecting her somehow, psychologically even.
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    Sorry to hear of the diagnosis, Francis. Best wishes for a full recovery.

    You may get some useful feedback here, but there are more directed web resources that you and your friend could take advantage of. Of course, the main reason for doing this extra reading is to make you are better informed so that you can generate more and better questions for her doctors. Your medical guidance should definitely come through her doctors and specialists.

    This seems to be a pretty good web resource for Ovarian Cancer:


    Maybe start there, and follow some of the links. And keep a list of questions for her doctors as you and she read through the information.

    Best wishes, and good luck.
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    The link berkeman provided will be a good source of information. The best thing you can do is be supportive. Try and go along to the doctors office, that way you can support her and be informed of the situation.
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    Much appreciation to you both.

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