What are the most promising research studies on cancer's cure?

  1. Every now and then, a news appears saying a new research could revert cancer on mice or something similar. But then I don't hear about them anymore. So what are the most promising research studies on curing cancer, and were there any promising researches before that failed when tested on humans?
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    The problem is that each cancer is different and responds to different treatments. What might work for one type won't work for another. Take lung cancer for example, there are two types and they are treated differently.

    Yes, there have been treatments that initially looked promising that failed. Too many to go into. Your questions are much too broad.
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    Studies that wanted to trigger the immune system to recognize cancer cells were promising, but haven't received too much success. Now people are focussing on characterizing tumors based on their mutated genes and personalizing medicine based on that.
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    Perhaps some of the most effective "treatments" are the interventions that prevent the cancers from occurring in the first place. For example, public policy discouraging smoking has greatly reduced the incidence of lung cancer and the HPV vaccine will likely reduce the incidence of cervical cancer in the future.
  6. Nonetheless they all have some characteristics in common.

    What do you mean by "initially looked promising"? Where they successful on mice, or just in vitro? I realize I may be very naive, but I'm actually very much ignorant about this subject.

    Here are some of the examples I'm speaking about, all successfully tested on mice:
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