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Engineering What are the positives of majoring in Physics vs Electrical Engineering

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    Which one to major in?
    What kind of job might one do with a B.S. in Physics Vs. Electrical Engineering?
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    First question: You should decide based on what interests you more. Both are challenging majors and professions.

    Second question:
    You do not specify where you want to work. In the industry EEs tend to be more employable than Physics majors after an undergrad degree, but the latter do find jobs (perhaps slightly less paid). The situation is not grim, despite what people tell you -- the risks are equal in both fields if you don't play your cards right.

    But if you want to work in academic/research jobs, then in the long term, you really should have a Masters degree at least. In Physics, a PhD is usually the minimum requirement to get a research position.
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