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What are the possible chances ?

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    Hello all,
    I live in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Here we are still under the British system of Education and so I took the London A Levels Exams some years back. My compiled result is : Math A - Chem A - Phy A - Bio B.
    Because of financial constrains and not being a citizen, I couldn't afford studying in UK or the US. Hence, I had to resort to the only university here which offers a discipline I'm interested in. I started studying ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING here some years back and I cannot emphasize enough how bad this university is; lack of competent lectures, lack of laboratories, continuous long periods of strike etc and not to mention I being of the white race too.
    Hence my dissatisfaction started to rise ever since university commenced. There is a system in the engineering department here such that getting a Hons degree is attained only after 5 years if and only if a threshold GPA is attained. Without that, a 4 year program ensues where the degree that can be attained is labelled in DIVISION terms such as DIV 1, Div 2 etc and such a degree is termed here as GENERAL.
    Given that I felt I was basically wasting time here as lectures are far in-between among other things and also getting a scholarship to study Petroleum Engineering in Ukraine in Ukrainian language, despite having amassed a cumulative GPA of 3.46 (max 4) I decided to salvage whatever is left and decline the offer to go for a fifth year for a Hons degree. I have finished my GENERAL degree here (as it is called) after 4 years with a DIV 1 grade and so my questions;
    1. Will my degree elsewhere such as in US or UK count after having received it from such an obscure place ?
    2. Almost everywhere I know of, ELEC. ENG. lasts for 4 years. Does it matter that I have a general degree and not the traditional hons?
    3. I'm thinking of doing a masters in Aircraft engineering. Will that be possible for someone with an ELEC ENG degree and what are the things I cannot do because I read that all that matters is a degree in science ?

    Thank You
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    No replies !
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    You better contact one of the mentors to move your question to academic guidance subforum. There your question will be viewed by more people and chances are that you will get your answer.
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    Problem is I don't know your system. Until I know what classes you have taken, it is impossible to even start talking.
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    Here's what my ELEC ENG included (what comes to my mind as I'm typing) apart from the general physics, chemistry etc
    Not in any order

    1. Electric Circuits Networks and Theorems
    2. Electrical Machines
    3. Maths for engineers such as ODE, Intro into PDE, Fourier, Laplace, Z transforms. Vector Calculus and Analysis, Complex Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Series (Taylor) etc etc . . .
    4. Field Theory
    5. AC Circuits ++
    6. Communications (AM, FM) + Transmission Line Theory
    7. Digital Communications (not indepth)
    8. Digital Signal Processing
    9. Energy Management
    10. Industrial Management
    11. Power Engineering
    12. Power Systems
    13. Analog Electronics
    14. Digital Electronics
    15. Power Electronics
    16. Microprocessor Engineering
    17. Data Processing
    18. Data Communication
    19. Control Engineering
    20. Materials and Structures (Frames, distribution of load on different types of instructors, torsion, springs etc)
    21. Thermodynamics (only 1st and 2nd laws + Carnot engines + diesel engines)
    22. Thermofluids (also not indepth)
    23. Applied Mechanics
    24. Graphics
    25. Machine Drawings

    This are all what I can remember. But note that some of these modules are not titled as above.
    For example:
    Electrical Machines is called Power Engineering 1
    Power Systems is termed Power Engineering 2
    Power Electronics is called Power Engineering 3
    Analog Communication is labelled Communication Engineering 1
    Digital Communication is called Communication Engineering 2
    You get the idea !!

    So whats the verdict ?
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    Please can someone enlighten me ?
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    Well, how do I delete this thread ?
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    you cant

    only a mentor can

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