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What are the qualities required to be a physics professor?

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    I love teaching and I am interested in physics & maths. I am not brilliant in academics but a good student. I want to teach at the college level so please let me khow the requirements to be a physics professor.
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    Simon Bridge

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    "Professor" is usually the title of a senior tenured position at a tertiary institution.
    You can teach at college level without being a professor - and it is common for docs and post-docs to do some teaching.

    To teach, you need to have a postgrad degree, experience teaching, and a good rep with the admin and other staff.
    Personally you need people skills, a thick skin, and a love of the subject.

    To advance, you need to do well academically to post-doc and beyond, do good research, get published (nobody cares how you did before doc which is a bonus). You will have noticed that professors are seldom picked for their teaching ability.
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