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What are the responsibility of a system engineer?

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    I am currently going to school to become an engineer and have not yet picked a major I. I have looked into the many other fields of engineering but haven't found much on system engineer. I was hoping someone could tell me more about the field and what it entails. If there is a website or place I could go to learn more about it it would be helpful. Any and all advice is helpful as well. Thank You for your time.
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    May I suggest that you start by reading, then studying, and then learning all that Wikipedia has written about Systems Engineering at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_engineering

    Be sure to visit the "See Also" sites and the "References". This is guaranteed to give you an overview. Then, learn to use the valuable tool called Google search to narrow your area of interest and find exactly the information you desire.

    After all that, if you have any doubts or any specific questions, do come right back here and post them. Members here at Physics Forums are always ready and willing to assist a true searcher.

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