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What are your hobbies/clubs involved in?

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    for those of you in college or what you did during college. or do/did you just get involved with your major, such as engineering clubs or research groups?
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    Not counting honors societies and national organizations I joined that I'm not locally active in:

    Freshman year: Drama club, student newspaper

    Sophomore year: Student newspaper, student ambassadors, university quality of life committee, student government association

    Junior year: Student newspaper, student ambassadors

    Senior year: Student newspaper, student ambassadors, Society of Physics Students, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

    Grad 1st year: Society of Physics Students

    Grad 2nd year: Society of Physics Students, National Space Society

    I had/have other hobbies outside of clubs/orgs. I also did/do research year-round starting the summer before my senior year.

    I'm a bit unusual.
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    what about everyone else here? are you guys so occupied with work that your only friends are in your major?
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    The few friends that I do have (I'm not that busy, just a loner) are pretty much all in my major.

    Anyway, in school I've been doing research for about a year or so now. Different professor last year, but several hours a week (errr... does 2 count as several?) spent on a project outside of my classes for my professor. Last year I was working on a muon detector for my professor, over the summer I worked a bit on some particle detector for a different professor (this particle detector was to be used for sniffing out bombs and stuff, not for physics experiments) and now working for the same professor on a dark matter project.

    Otherwise none of my hobbies involve school. I play guitar/bass guitar, lots of video games, have been trying to get into Parkour for a while, but keep getting sick or something, and I'd still be doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if not for the lack of a steady schedule and $$$.
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    I worked full time. Didn't have time to even shower on some days. No social life, but I did have housemates whom I became close to. College wasn't a pleasant time for me, but has paid off since.
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    I'm a mech engineering student at the University of Toronto, and have recently become very involved in our Formula SAE team. Basically, we are an engineering design team that designs, builds and races our own open-wheeled, open cockpit race car. (Think of a mini-formula 1 car, or a go-kart on steroids. I'm not joking, our car does 0-100kph in about 2.9 seconds and tops out at around 180kph!)

    Many universities around the world have similar teams, and there are a number of events each year, one hosted by us here in Toronto, one hosted by SAE (society of automotive engineers) in Detroit (which is coming up in May!) and one that this year takes place in Germany. It's an incredible club that allows us to apply what we learn in the classroom to actual engineering design problems.
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    Hobbies: i went bicycling, canoing, camping, skiing, & hiking with friends
    from school and also roommates. I also played in the band (concert, jazz, marching)
    throughout undergrad, as well as in community bands during summer.

    I played my guitar and took additional lessons in the summer (in grad school).
    I took my guitar and went down to school coffee house and starting playing and singing.
    Trying to encourage other closet musicians to bring down their instruments & jam.
    Many jams were an impromptu meeting of other like minded people in the dorms or student apts.

    Also joined the radio club, took their class (on Sat mornings) and earned an FCC license. Met lots of cool people in the radio club who inspired me to learn about electronics (EE).
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