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What are your hobbies?

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    What do you do for relaxation?

    I don't relax. I'm stressed all the time.
    (I also make bread.)
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    What is this thing you call "relaxation"?

    I watch food tv, but I spend most of my time screaming at the poor tv set because the idiots are clueless, yet they're on tv getting paid to give out misinformation. AAAAARRGGGHH

    I guess that's my relaxation.
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    Running, chess, music (playing and listening), and spending time with my wife.
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    According to the link, Wellie wanging originated in a place called Upperthong. :eek:

    <insert your own inappropriate comment here>
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    In case anyone doubts its existence.

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    I see there's also a Netherthong and a Thongsbridge. :tongue2:
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    Family time, learning stuff and reading stuff. Don't get enough.

    I thought it was called Wellie Hoying.

    For relaxation (not a hobby), I find physical labour (where you are given some work, left alone to do it, and have the satisfaction of completing it) relaxing e.g. dry stone walling.
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    My understanding of the verb 'to wang' implies divesting yourself of the wanged item on a permanent basis. But I claim no expertise in Yorkshire dialect. I live on the West side of the Pennines.
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    My main hobby is taking care of my dog. When my wife leaves in the morning, Duke comes into the bedroom and checks on me. Sometimes, he is quiet, but often he is noisy enough to wake me again, and I feel like I have to get out of bed. Then he heads out to his other bed in the living room and passes out, as quiet as a mouse.

    Then it is walks so he can "do his business". He is quite particular about where he might defecate, so the walks are longer than one might expect.
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    My current hobby is building a house :P really time consuming.
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    Yep, wang seems to be Yorkshire for "throw" (never heard of it), and hoy seems to be Geordie for "throw".
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    Chi Meson

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    Astronomy, Astrophotography, video games.
  16. Oct 12, 2012 #15
    Fine dining, TV, and reading are my main hobbies outside of school.
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    My hobby week:


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    For the past couple months my main hobby has been studying and working Math problems, but I also enjoy crocheting. I'm actually pretty good at it.
  19. Oct 15, 2012 #18

    George Jones

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    To have fun, I:

    do things with my family (wife and six-year-old daughter) (e.g., my daughter and I are going skating on Friday);

    read/work on physics;

    observational amateur astronomy;

    surf the internet, mainly for local, national, and international news, and for sports;

    watch DVD movies with my wife (we don't have a TV; mainly, but not exclusively, mystery movies)

    read novels (mainly, but not exclusively, mystery novels).

    My priorities with respect to this list change, depending on my mood, on my energy level, and on what my wife and daughter want to do.
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    Sophomore physics student here... I play video games when I can't handle studying anymore. Right now it's all about Skyrim; I like open RPGs usually.

    I also have a few blogs that I keep track of (Wordpress and tumblr), and when I have time I like to program, though that's part of my school right now so I've been programming as LITTLE as possible. :p I'm usually a big reader when I have time but I haven't been able to since summer break ended.
  21. Oct 15, 2012 #20
    I play Go.
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