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What are your sucessful study habits and/or skills?

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    Hi. I'm a freshmen in college. I am now on christmas Break. During my first quarter, I didn't do very well. I have been cutting class when it is not mandatory (no quiz, midterm, final, attendance,etc), so I will make an effort to attend every single class from now on. However, my biggest problem is that I do not have good study skills. I do not go partying because I want to focus on my studies. But I take so long to do my homework. I feel like my study skills/habits are not good. Can you tell yours? For example, what time of the day do you study (right after class? or after dinner? or after a nap?) Do you take naps? Do you socialize? Do you do other activities such as sports or clubs? And how do you study? Can you give me some studying tips and tell me about your study habits? Thanks so much.

    Also, now that technology is in every aspect of our lives, teacher assign homework online. I find it so hard to just not go on youtube or online shopping when homework is assigned online. Do you have assigned homework to do online? If so, how do you resist the temptation of surfing the web? I find that opening no other window other than the homework helps. Can you give me other tips to prevent myself from procrastinating when doing homework online? Nowadays, most teachers assign homework online, which makes it very hard for me to remain focused and on track. *sigh*
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    My major is Biochemical Engineering, and I attend University of California at Davis, if that helps or matters. Thanks so much for your help!
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    I'm in 2nd year maths degree, i struggle alot when it comes to getting work done, i often get distracted and just can't be asked with doing math. I used to spend +20 hours a week doing Analysis homework last year and i still got poor marks in it.

    I guess you just need to motivate yourself to actually do the work, eliminate the distractions. If you're college has a library or quiet study area, maybe go there to do work, you might find you're more productive if your in a place where you can't get distracted.

    Try to keep a regular sleeping pattern, at between 6-8 hours a day. I used go to bed very late and then fall asleep in my lectures, not good. And i found myself working so hard towards exams that i didn't sleep for over 5 days at one point, so don't over do it, leave yourself some time to chill out.

    Also a good healthy diet and keeping hydrated is very important also, having a bad diet over a long period of timewill wreck your concentration, sleep, make you feel physically and mentally exhausted.
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    I found that it is not the smartest people that would get their degree in the end, but the most motivated and organized people. See studying as a full-time job. Take it seriously. Make a long term study plan. Plan study hours every day. Be disciplined. Tell friends that you're not available before 18:00 because you're studying.
    Also, hang around with students that have the same attitude towards studying. And have a drink with them when you're done studying for the day.
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