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Courses What background courses is needed for doing MS in Theoretical Physics?

  1. Jan 26, 2013 #1
    I am a student from Electrical Engineering department and now at the end of 3rd year in my university.But I want to do MS in Theoretical Physics in my university at the end of 4th year.The Theoretical Physics department offers these courses (listed below) in their MS and I have to choose among them.How should I prepare myself to gain a solid background to pursuit my goal.Actually what physics and mathematics branches I should know well before doing a MS in Theoretical Physics Department (as I am not from fundamental physics or mathematics department ).And please suggest me some good text books for this purpose.I have more or less 14 months to prepare myself for these courses.Remember...I am not asking advice for this courses (listed below) ,I am asking advice about the background courses that I should study before doing these MS courses and also some good texts for that.
    Thank you.

    (I have given star marks to the courses of my interest.)

    *Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics 4
    *Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
    Many Body Quantum Physics 3
    *Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics-I 3
    *Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics-II 3
    *Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics 4
    Introduction to Fluid Dynamics 3
    *Group Theory and Representation Theory 3
    *Differential Geometry and Differential form 3
    *General Relativity and Cosmology 3
    Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and QED 4
    Introduction to The Standard Model -I 3
    Introduction to The Standard Model -II 3
    *Quantum Field Theory 4
    *Introduction to Particle Physics-I 3
    *Introduction to Particle Physics-II 3
    *Computational Physics 4
    General Oral Examination 4
    Thesis 6
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    Vanadium 50

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    Since we don't know the backgroiund you have, we don't know the background you need. But since you aren't changing universities, wouldn't it make sense to talk to the physics department there?
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