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What bothers me in Canada and/or USA

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    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Computer Science

    I understand the difference between those 3 programs and jobs.

    What bothers me is; before universities did have Electronics Program which was replaced by Computer Engineering. I do not like this new name Computer Engineering. I wish it is still called Electronics although the courses are the same. I think it would be much easier for general public to understand who is who. Many ppl still do not understand the difference between Comp Eng and Comp Sc. and it would be much easier for my great granma to know what I am going to do:-)

    ****Electronics sounds more powerful?
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    Sound more powerful?

    I think Computer Engineering sounds way cooler.
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    I do agree with him. Some places call it Electrical & Computer engineering. I think it is a more fitting title.

    At first, I thought it was computer science with more engineering applications, and not a variation of electrical engineering.
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    My cousin and friend of his applied for a job in Munich in Germany.
    During their interwievs my cousin told them He is an electronics graduate and his friend said He was Comp Engineering graduate. The plant manager says I am sorry but the position is more for an electronics guy. Both guys graduated from the same program Computer Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

    Guess who got a job, elctronics guy.
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    I had no idea computer engineering was electronics. Electronics sounds cooler. I think I'm just sick of the word "computer".
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    oksanav , me too.
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    But computer engineering ISN'T the same as electronics engineering. At least not in America. An electronics engineer isn't required to take more advanced computer science classes like operating systems, compiler design, and computer networks (the CS version). On the other hand, a computer engineer is probably not taking more advanced electronics courses like CMOS design, low power circuit design, etc.

    I think it's good they are called different things.
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