What breakthrough in science would revolutionize an industry?

  1. Is there anything that comes to mind if you try to come up with something that would revolutionize an entire industry, or create an industry of its own?

    Not looking for the super obvious choices such as nuclear fusion or Quantum Computers.
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  3. Pengwuino

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    Nuclear computers.

    On a more serious note, high-temperature superconductors would probably have profound implications across many industries. There are other things but I think one would be better off thinking about a particular industry and then asking how that industry could be improved.
  4. micromass

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    Quantum fusion
  5. jhae2.718

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    Nuclear quantum fusion powered computers.
  6. drizzle

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  7. Pengwuino

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    You jerks.
  8. jhae2.718

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    You have a problem with [itex]\frac{\rm{d}^3\bf{r}}{\rm{d}t^3}[/itex]?
  9. WannabeNewton

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    plastic surgery on the go
  10. jhae2.718

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    On a serious note, I'd say a cheap way to put stuff in LEO.
  11. Ivan Seeking

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    In keeping with the news of Obama's reference to algae, there is tremendous potential in biologically-produced transportation fuels derived from algae and bacteria. Temperature sensitivity, yield rates, oil quality, and the energy required for growth and processing are all significant issues that can be addressed in part through hybridization, and perhaps through the use of designer strains genetically engineered for the task. So the race is on to develop the holy grail of fuel-producing bioforms if you will - one that can yield a practical fuel such as carbon-neutral biodiesel, at prices below that of traditional pertroleum-based fuels.

    I think is one of the most siginficant issues for everyone on the planet.
  12. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/27628/?p1=blogs

    So far physicists have found what appears to be 3 species of single cell organisms that use quantum effects for extremely efficient photosynthesis and 3 species of animals that appear to use the quantum Zeno effect for exquisite sensitivity to magnetic fields for navigation. Along with recent experiments indicating quanta are contextual the implications are staggering and could eventually apply to every branch of the sciences and industry.

    We'll just have to wait and see...
  13. Ryan_m_b

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    Tentatively I would argue that all scientific advances create and/or revolutionise industries. Reason being that just like men no discovery or invention in science is an island. Science is incremental, every development is made on the backs of others that are made on the backs of others etc etc. "Breakthrough" is a misleading label as it implies one big discovery in isolation that changes everything, in reality almost every breakthrough is just the straw/few final straws that break the camels back.
  14. If a glyco code exists for the cell, finding it.
  15. Sustainable muon-catalyzed fusion in a tiny box. :biggrin:
  16. Sustainable muon-catalyzed glyco coded nuclear quantum fusion powered computers in a tiny box.
  17. f95toli

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    A dramatic improvement in battery technology?
  18. The suppositories are easier to use.
  19. That's a good one. Solar energy (which is already becoming quite a big industry) would become much cheaper, for one.
  20. jim hardy

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    Superconducting thermocouple wire.

    We could interconnect gigantic thermopiles in Gulf of Mexico and Arctic Ocean and tap off power all along the way.
  21. Probably the most dramatic one of all: self replicating interplanetary mining robots/automated factories.

    It is only a matter of time I think.
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