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Calculators What calculator should i get/use?

  1. Oct 25, 2016 #1
    I want to do GCSE Maths Higher this year and i have a selection of four calculators:
    Casio FX-85GT
    HP 20S
    HP 48G
    HP 50g (my dad is a fan of HP)
    I was wondering whether I needed to get another, slightly more up-to-date one of just use one of the ones i have already got.
    Could anybody help?
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    I'm loving my HP 42 on my Droid smartphone...

    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hp42-calculator-on-your-smartphone.871642/ :smile:

    Would you be allowed to use it in exams, though, I wonder...
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    I don't have a phone and probably wont get one for the next five years.
    Anyway, no mobile phones are allowed at school and aren't allowed in the exams.
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    While your Dad seems partial to Hp, have YOU actually used the Hp 48G or Hp 50G?
    If you don't need to use a graphing calculator yet, I like the Hp 20s. I actually really like the Hp 20s. It is a solid, reliable, easy to use calculator with Hp quality. As far current pocket scientific calculators on the market today, you won't find better. It is an AOS calculator, you may want an EOS or DAL type calculator. I suspect your Casio is also AOS. You may want to buy a cheap Ti-30 multi-view or new Casio or Sharp as nearly all newer calculators offer EOS (Type in equation as it is shown in textbook).
    As you get into higher math or you need some excuse to have better, the two graphing calculators your Dad has are two of the best (although the higher end Hp's are usually RPN). However, you may discover that you want the same calculator as your teachers and classmates ie a Ti something or other.
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    I have used both of those calculators and know the basics for them, and I have got instruction manuals too
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    only the 50g is RPN, and you can change it to scientific, the same format as the 48g. the 48g has 4 different modes with the same format.
    if you want to use a 48g without buying one, get Droid48 off google play. same format and works much faster
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