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Calculators What makes HP 50G so complicated?

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    Hi, I am a first year going to be declared Computer Engineering student major. I have never owned or used a graphing calculator before. After some research, I have came across the TI-89 and the HP 50G. I seem to like the HP 50G one better, but many people say that the HP 50G may be too "complex" to use. I want to know why this is true? And also, people say that the RPN system is what makes the hp 50g complicated. But can you choose to not use the RPN mode and use it in a mode as a regular calculator?

    Thanks so much!
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    Nothing complicated in RPN. It is called complicated only by those that never spent even a minute trying to calculate value of an expression by hand, as in both cases the same kind of analysis (where do I start calculation?) is required.
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    The HP is less user-friendly but has better hardware and more built-in mathematical functions out of the box.
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