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What classes to take applied math?

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    so heres the thing, i basically have a physics minor and decided to go to applied math grad school since i think it'll open up more options and involves more math and wont involve experiments than engineering. i dont want to do theoretical physics since i'm concerned about job opportunities

    so far i've completed, these are all upperdiv:
    Real Analysis A
    Linear Algebra A
    Differential Equations
    Complex Analysis
    Probability Theory A

    I need to take:
    Math Modeling
    Linear and Nonlinear Systems of DEs
    Probability Theory B
    4 more electives

    For the electives, I've considered: Numerical Analysis, Combinatorics, Optimization, Abstract Algebra (I dropped the honors version), Topology, Fourier Analysis, Real Analysis B

    which of the classes i need to take should i take asap?

    I plan on going into applied linear algebra, DEs, PDEs, fluid mechanics or numerical analysis for applied math grad school, hopefully doing something with applications to physics
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    Real analysis B, fourier analysis, optimization and numerical analysis are probably the best applied math courses from the electives you listed. Actually optimization and numerical analysis will probably be the most applied, but I expect real analysis and fourier analysis will be the most meaningful.

    Actually my plans are kind of similar to your's. I started out in aerospace engineering, but I will be finishing my degree in math, and I am applying to applied math grad schools this Fall..
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    Also does it matter alot if you dont take classes in sequence to grad schools? say, taking numerical analysis A in fall 07 and then numerical analyis B in fall 08 instead of spring 07, the semester immediately after taking part A?

    also, isnt topology and abstract algebra on the math GRE? isnt the math GRE requried for applied math grad schools? i'm a 4th yr and plan to apply to grad schools next fall
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    Most PDE theory involves functional analysis. I would suggest Analysis B, Fourier Analysis, Topology, and either Optimization or numerical analysis.
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    alright thanks for the replies

    in what order should i take the classes i still need for the degree?
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