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What comes next?

  1. Jul 8, 2003 #1
    This was tried a while back on this site but was unsuccessful because some fool started using google to cheat.

    What are the next lyrics, what song is it and who origionally wrote the song?

    "She's got a smile that it seems to me
    Reminds me of childhood memories
    Where everything
    Was as fresh as the bright blue sky"

    Nice easy one to start with, post your own once answered correctly.
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  3. Jul 8, 2003 #2


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    Now and then,
    when I see her face,
    it takes me away to that special place,
    and if I stare to long,
    I'd probably break down and cry.. yayyy... yayyy... yayyy...

    Sweet Child O' Mine by GnR

    EDIT: Forgot the next one:

    Mother, Father,
    Look at your little monster
    I'm a hero, I'm a zero
    I'm the butt of the worst joke in history.
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  4. Jul 8, 2003 #3
    Help! recognise this but havent a clue what it is.
  5. Jul 8, 2003 #4


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    It's sweet child of mine by Guns & Roses

    Although ya try to discredit
    Ya still never edit
    The needle, I'll thread it
    Radically poetic
    Standing with the fury that they had
    in '66
  6. Jul 8, 2003 #5


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    And like e-double, I'm mad,
    Still knee-deep in the system's ****, Hoover, he was a body remover,
    I'll give ya a dose, But it'll never come close,
    To the rage built up inside of me,
    Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy,

    RATM Wake Up

    I'll give an easy one, I could confuse yall easy.

    Waiting for your modern messiah to take away all the anger that darkens the light in your eyes, ...
  7. Jul 9, 2003 #6
    It's either "still awaiting" or "still I'm waiting",

    but either way it's "Liberate" by Disturbed.

    Now for the my next one:
    Hello my friend, we meet again
    It's been a while, where should we begin?
  8. Jul 9, 2003 #7
    I really want to know where those lyrics came from.
  9. Jul 9, 2003 #8
    That's Bad Religion I think...
    *runs song thru head*

    I'm a lock with a key, a city with no door, a jack without and ace a something something sometihng.

    Song called Incomplete, from the album, stranger than fiction.
  10. Jul 10, 2003 #9
    feels like forever.
    within my heart a memory.
    a perfect love that you gave to me.

    Creed My Sacrifice.

    Heres the next one.

    I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
    And I howled at my ma in the driving rain,
    But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas!
  11. Jul 10, 2003 #10


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    Jumping Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas.

    Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones.

    Gotta get something trickier than that, Andy


    Sleepwalking through the all-night drugstore
    Baptized in flourescent light
    I found religion in the greeting card aisle
    Now I know Hallmark was right.
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  12. Jul 10, 2003 #11
    I wasnt trying to be tricky, was trying to get a few more people involved in the thread, no offense to you, but i havent a clue where your lyrical choices come from without using google.
  13. Jul 10, 2003 #12

    Tom Mattson

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    Me either. Turns out it's an Ani Difranco song.

    Clearly, the wife has gotten her hand into his musical tastes...
  14. Jul 10, 2003 #13


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    And every pop song on the radio
    Is suddenly speaking to me
    Art may imitate life
    But life imitates t.v.
    Because you've been gone exactly two weeks
    Two weeks and three days
    And let's just say that things look different now
    Different in so many ways

    Superhero by Ani DiFranco (Thanks for the tip Tom:wink: )


    Crazy, but that's how it goes
    Millions of people living as foes
    Maybe it's not too late
    To learn how to love
    And forget how to hate
    Mental wounds not healing
    Life's a bitter shame
  15. Jul 10, 2003 #14

    Tom Mattson

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    I've listened to preachers
    I've listened to fools
    I've watched all the dropouts
    Who make their own rules
    One person conditioned to rule and control
    The media sells it and you have the role

    Mental wounds still screaming
    Driving me insane
    I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

    Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne


    You're dangerous 'cause you're honest
    You're dangerous, you don't know what you want
    Well you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
    For any spirit to haunt

    Hey hey sha la la
    Hey hey
  16. Jul 11, 2003 #15


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    I'll have you know the "wife" hates Ani DiFranco. I personally think she's a goddess.
  17. Jul 11, 2003 #16
    You're an accident waiting to happen
    You're a piece of glass left there on the beach
    Well you tell me things I know you're not supposed to
    Then you leave me just out of reach

    U2, Whos gonna ride your wild horses.

    Dearly beloved,
    We are gathered here today
    To get through this thing called LIFE
    Electric word life
    It means forever and that's a mighty long time...
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  18. Jul 13, 2003 #17
    it's been a few days and i got nothing and i dont think anyoen elses dose so u might as well tell us
  19. Jul 13, 2003 #18
    But I'm here to tell ya
    There's something else...the afterworld
    A world of never ending happiness
    You can always see the sun
    Day or night
    So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills -
    You know the one
    Dr. Everything 'll be alright
    'Stead of asking Him how much of you're time is left
    Ask him how much of you're mind, baby
    'Cause in this life things are much harder than in the afterworld
    In this life...you're on your own!
    And if the elevator tries to bring you down,
    go crazy...punch a higher floor!

    Prince, lets go crazy, from the purple rain album.

    heres another one, you should all get this one.

    "Cruised into a bar on the shore
    Her picture graced the grime on the door
    She a long lost love at first bite
    Baby maybe you're wrong, but you know it's all right
    That's right"
  20. Jul 14, 2003 #19
    That'd be "Dude looks like a lady", by Aerosmith.

    Alright, next one:

    I can't stand to fly
    I'm not that naive
    Men weren't meant to ride
    With clouds between their knees
  21. Jul 14, 2003 #20


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    I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
    Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
    Only a man in a funny red sheet
    Looking for special things inside of me
    It's not easy to be me.

    Five for Fighting; Superman

    Last one was to easy, I'm gonna make someone cheat to get this one.

    It started as a whisper
    Now try to dodge this roar
    Unified, the most forceful way to go

    Waste this one
    It's up to you
    We need this revolution

    Destroy the pattern
    Anything that separates
    Across the times
    Who dares to follow

    hehe, I'm so mean.
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