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Homework Help: What definition of #define cont 32767

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    Hye.. i got this source code from internet.. i want to ask some quetion..

    here is the source code. but not a full code..

    include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    #define  cont 32767

    typedef struct dnode
            struct dnode *prev;
            int val;
            struct dnode *next;

    DNODE *rt;

    void insert()
        DNODE *temp,*temp1,*temp2;
        int i;
        printf("\nEnter the value of node:");


    what definition/meaning of "#define cont 32767" at line 5...can someone describe to me...thanks..
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    It means that "cont" is defined as a kind of alias for the number 32767. So if you would write

    int x = cont - 20;

    then x would be assigned the value 32767 - 20. Note that the replacement is done by the preprocessor, and is a literal replacement. So by the time your code reaches the compiler it is
    int x = 32767 - 20;

    In this case, I would recommend making it a proper integer, by using
    const int cont = 32767;

    Then, whenever you use "cont" in an expression, the compiler can apply type-checking which makes your code safer.
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    In addition to CompuChip's response, the number may come from the range of integers in different situations. I can't confirm since the entire code is not pasted and I cannot see its use (Though as previously stated, with the define it is strictly a replacement), but if you are interested in further readings:

    http://home.att.net/~jackklein/c/inttypes.html [Broken]
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