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What di Geological engineers do?

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    Hi everyone, I'm a new member in this forum. I was wondering what really Geological Engineers do in their work. I've made quite a lot of research about this profession, but still, I don't see the bigger picture. All I know is that they aid Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers and etc. on determining the correct area and precaution to take when doing their construction or any kind of engineering work that requires their specializations...
    I wonder if their work overlaps with the work of a geologist...

    Anyway, thanks to anyone that will provide me more infos about this engineering career...
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    Andy Resnick

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    My graduate advisor got his PhD in Geology. The three things I learned are: he got to work outside all of the time, most of the jobs involve prospecting for oil or mineral deposits, and the 'old timers' often licked the rocks to determine the composition.

    I imagine there's a lot of overlap with Civ Es and Env Es.
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    thanks andy...people said that this engineering program is fun...and loads of experience waiting to be learned...
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    It's the bit of civil engineering dealing with the earth, so mostly the strength and properties of the rocks and soil you are building on.
    It's more often called geotechnical engineering (cos that sounds way cooler)
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