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Programs To continue with the geosciences or go geotech engineering?

  1. Apr 9, 2016 #1
    I have a bachelors in geophysics and am currently deciding between attending a school for a masters in geoscience/geophysics and attending a school for a masters in geotechnical engineering. They are both funded to a degree, with the geoscience masters being extremely well funded versus the engineering programs.

    What are the potential industry career paths for a masters in geoscience/geophysics? Oil and gas used to be a no brainer but the current job market in oil and the general cyclic boom and bust turns me off from oil and its unpredictable job security.

    To my knowledge, a degree in geotechnical engineering would have much better job security and would have the potential to go for professional engineering licensure.

    Would I be correct in assuming that the engineering route would be a safer option, with better job security, job options, and career paths? I have an intense love for geology and geophysics but I actually do not know much about their job applications other than nonrenewables and academia. I'm very interested in the work geotech engineers do as well and have a good idea what kind of work I'll like to specialize in if I decide to go that route.
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    You might like to consider Civil Engineering as well .

    There can be a lot of geophysics in the work that some Civil Engineers do .
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    All the geotech programs I applied for are civil engineering programs, just with a concentration in geotechnical applications.
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