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What do HS Calculus students learn?

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    I did not take Calculus in HS, so I have no idea what is taught. I went to a bookstore to look through books, but I didn't find anything useful. I could only find SAT books with the title "Math Level #" but none said Calculus by itself.

    I'm just wondering b/c I'm interested in Tutoring HS students and to prepare some material so they get their money's worth and I feel that I was efficient.
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    In high school (not AP), I did basic limit's derivatives and integrals, and no proofs of any sort either. We covered basically all of differentiation and integration up to integration by parts. So, we never did trig substitution or any other more complex integral methods. That was a while ago for me, but I think I remember most of what we covered and didn't. We definitely didn't do anything much more complicated than trig substitution. That I can almost guarantee.
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    When I was in HS I learned mostly everything that one would be expected to learn in their first two semesters of calculus. However, it was very application oriented and proofs were not stressed. Though I've found many universities don't stress proofs either in the first year of calculus.
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    Basically it was everything in the calculus textbook, but we skipped over all the topics not on the AP exam (work, force, integration by tables, vectors, hyperbolic functions, etc.) As k3n70n wrote, proofs were not stressed and it was very applications oriented (also test-prep oriented since it was AP).
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