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What do mechanical engineers do?

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1
    I'm trying to decide what major I want to choose, and I would appreciate it if any mechanical engineers could tell me what they do at their work. I want to get a general idea of what type of jobs mechanical engineers usually get or could potentially get.
    Thank you
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    Hello Parsa418,

    I'm a mechanical engineer and would be happy to help you out. I'm currently a sales engineer for a HVAC Company. I work with museums, hospitals and commercial buildings to develop custom solutions for their HVAC needs. You can do so much with a mechanical engineering degree. I've worked on Unmanned underwater vehicles, also known as autonomous submarines, and also worked at Caltech on a research project to validate one of Einstein's theories.
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    Try ASME - http://www.asme.org/


    Technical Divisions and Institutes
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    I am a retired mechanical engineer although my work title has always been design engineer. I found the work challenging and fulfilled my creative needs. Although today most of your working day will be spent in a cubical working at a computer, think Dilbert's world. Although with an ME degree you could just as easily work in sales, management or about anything you might want. Depending on where you work you might find that an ME is 10% mechanical design and 90% meetings, writing proposals, testing, vendors and research and more. However if you have the need to know how everything works this is the way to go.
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