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What do physicists and engineers do?

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    What do physicists do over the whole day? What do engineers do over the whole day? What are the working hours for both like? Does an engineer get sent to faraway locations often (like get sent to another country or something to get things done)?

    I enjoy learning and doing physics problems, but unfortunately I have little actual knowledge what physicists/engineers actually do everyday.
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    There are hundreds of threads exactly like this, do a search and you'll open up a wealth of information.

    There are no exact answers to any of your questions - part of the bonus about taking a physics or engineering degree is that they open up a wealth of potential jobs afterwards. This means that work varies hugely from position-to-position, and so do the terms under which one works. However, what you will find it you search around the forums is plenty of anecdotes to help you make your mind up.

    Me? I sit at a computer from 9-5 coding analysis and data-mining algorithms. I have not often been sent to a faraway location to work - the internet has scuppered that. Conferences and visits to other universities are possible, if you want to include things like that.
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    I think it depends on which type of engineer/physicist.
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    Check http://www.iop.org/careers/workinglife/index.html" [Broken] website out, as well, it might help.
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