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What do you understand about quantum entanglement?

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    i have a doubt, can quantum entanglement be our future source of sending signals to space without waiting a lot of light years to reach? please someone explain how quantum entanglement works in space and particles.
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    It's common to think that quantum entanglement could support some sort of faster than light communications - but it can't. Entanglement cannot be recognized until the measurement results form both of the entangled particles are compared - and even then, many such comparisons need to be made to create a statistically significant verification that some spooky had been happening.
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    thanks, and does the quantum field have different feeling or sense about space/time? another dimension? which dimension would quantum particles be?
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    Quantum Field Theory uses the conventional 4 dimensional space-time of relativity.

    String theory however does postulate extra dimensions - but it is much more speculative - QFT has been confirmed experimentally to great precision.

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