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What do you use wolfram mathamatica for?

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    I am currently downloading mathamatica. It sounds amazing! I was wondering hat each of you used it for or your thoughts on it?
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    It's great for checking your answers, it lets you type in latex and it gives like 3 or 4 different ways you can answer a question.
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    I use the student version primarily for coordinate or frame based tensor computations, contour plots and 3D plots, and (most importantly!) integrals.
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    I didn't know it did audio processing as well as math. You learn something new on PF every day :biggrin:
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    Ben Niehoff

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    Since when does it let you type in Latex? I know it can export Latex, but I don't trust it to do that.

    I use Mathematica extensively in my research. Most commonly for guessing the solutions to PDEs. I still do a lot by hand, though, such as finding Ricci tensors.
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    Actually I believe you can do audio and image processing in Mathematica, or at least you could write code to do so, just as you can in Matlab.
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    George Jones

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    For what do I use Mathematica? Nothing. My employer has a site license for full Maple, which includes my personal laptop, so I use Maple.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    You could tell us what you use Maple for...

    We have a site license for Mathematica 8, so I've installed it for free. :)
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    I have no license at all... :shy:

    Isn't there an open-source alternative to Mathematica - a program that will do symbolic math instead of just numerical?
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    Do you use it? How well does it work if so?
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    I use Mathematica and have never used it, I just googled Mathematica open-source alternatives and that came up. This might help....http://www.calvin.edu/~rpruim/talks/Sage/2010-05-08-MAA/sagetalk.pdf
    It seems the only open source app that comes close to Mathematica or Maple but even so they are in a different league- Going solely on reviews...
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    I've used Mathematica extensively for about 15 years working on a wide variety of problems. Currently I use it to study contour integration over multi-valued functions. For example, what does it look like to integrate over the inverse of a 12-degree polynomial? Well, one example is

    [tex]\mathop\oint\limits_{\text{black}} \text{red}\; dz[/tex]

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    whats that jackmell?
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    Link is not showing jack. Atleast, I'm not seeing it!
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    Jack you can't delete the attachment after you use the link...It has to stay attached.

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    Learning how to become really good and productive with any computer algebra system takes a very large investment of time so choose carefully. It is probably best to use what those around you, or those who you hope to be around, use and which you can get books to help you get started.
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    Integrals, mid scale diagonalization routines (~60,000 dim basis), some monte carlo, plotting, nearly everything that i dont use c++ for. It's probably my favorite language, and in my opinion, only has one downside: it is impossible to format my code in a pretty way.
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    Hi guys. I did not think I deleted the link. Anyway, that figure is the real surface of the inverse of a particular polynomial. If we have [itex]w=a_0+a_1 z+\cdots+a_{12}z^{12}[/itex], then what is z in terms of w? Well, it's a 12-valued, complex-multi-valued function of w, [itex]z(w)[/itex], and it's real component in the domain of that plot is that figure.

    But you can't draw it with built-in Mathematica functions. You have to code it yourself and I like writing graphics code and that is what I like best about Mathematica. The code I wrote to illustrate multi-valued functions is about 2000 lines of Mathematica code.

    Let me try the attachment again. This time it's only the 4-cycle branch of the total figure showing the black path of integration over it:


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    what language is compatible with mathamatica?
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