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B Programs like Wolfram but offline

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    Hello and sorry for the bad english.
    I 'm looking for a program like wolfram alpha but offline, currently I use a program called "derive 6". It is good but it stopped updating for quite So I would like to tell me some similar program to wolfram alpha but not need connection to intenet, and that updtate or at least not very old like derive.

    thanks =D
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    Use Sage, it successfully incorporates many other software packages. It's the best thing out there.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Thank to all, I'll take a look at the programs and maybe I had to be a little more specific,
    usually what I need is :
    integration (indefinite or definite)
    algebraic simplification
    calculating sums ∑ and products ∏
    taylor expancion
    gamma function
    riemann zeta function
    (step by step soluction)
    I think that is all.

    thank you very much :biggrin:
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    You can try Pari-GP.
    It has some if not all the functions you mentioned and can do arbitrary precision arithmetic ( no limit on the number of digits or precision).
    It is a free program.
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    Mathematica IS Wolfram Alpha (and free), so that is definitely worth downloading. A different kind of math program but incredibly useful is Geogebra (also free).
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    Thanks to all who contributed.
    maple has almost all the things I neeed also it has a converter to LaTex which facilitates post here, mathematica is great but it requires internet connection.
    so when I do not have internet and I can not use wolfram, i use maple.
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