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What does 150 N.M mean exactly?

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    If I have been provided information that a generator requires a torque/force is 150N.M to turn the drive shaft, what exactly does this mean??

    I used an online conversion calculator and I came up with a conversion to pound-force of 33.72. Does this mean it will take approximately 34 pounds of force, such as indicated on a torque wrench, to turn the drive shaft?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    150 N-m
    Attach a rod to the shaft sticking out 90degrees from the shaft axis.
    150 newtons of force on the rod at 1m from the shaft, or
    75 newtons at 2m, or
    1 Nt at 150m, or
    any combination of force and distance to give 150 n-m
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    Thanks for your help. Please consider that you are talking to a moron when it comes to this stuff. I guess my question is this;

    Is 150newton meters equivalent to approximately 110 pound-foot torque?

    I want to use a piece of equipment that has the following specs- resistance force is 1.8R,and torque/force is 150N.M to turn the drive shaft.

    What does this mean if you were asked to write about it in Engineering for Idiots?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Welcome to PF, captdiverdan! :smile:

    Yes, 150newton meters is equivalent to approximately 110 pound-foot torque.

    Note that the conversion factor is not 33.72 as you wrote in the OP, but it is 1.356.
    That is, 1 pound-foot torque = 1.356 newton meter torque.
    But I believe you already found this.

    As a side note, this would (or should) not be written as N.M.
    The proper way to write it is "N m" or "N·m". That is, with a lowercase m.
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    Thanks again for your help. This forum is excellent! What a wealth of information from individuals such as yourself.
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    I like Serena

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    You're welcome! :smile:
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