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What does Custom Block in my blog mean?

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    What does "Custom Block" in my blog mean?

    Hi, I'm new here and kind of feel like the new kid in school. I'm lost. I have a question and don't know where, in the forum, I should ask it so please don't get mad. I was in my profile, putting in a picture and such, when I came across the 'blog' preferences. In it was ;"custom block". I have never heard of this before and have not been able to find out what it is. Can someone please tell me what the purpose of it is and what I should do with it. I would much apreciate it. I enjoy being here, I love quantum physics. I just need to find my way around. Thanks again.
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    Re: What does "Custom Block" in my blog mean?

    There are preset blocks for presenting types of information. A custom block lets you put whatever you want in it and place it on your blog sidebar.
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    Re: What does "Custom Block" in my blog mean?

    Thank you so much. I much appreciate your reply.
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