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What does it mean that acid is produced from ____ by bacteria?

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    What does it mean that "acid is produced from ____" by bacteria?

    I've identified a bacteria (specifically stephococcus thermophilis) and am using Bergey’s Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology to learn more about it. The manual states S. Thermophilis produces acid from glucose, but not from glycerol and I'm wondering exactly what this means?

    Does it mean that s. thermophilis can survive on glucose but not on glycerol? Or is it mearly a test to differentiate between bacteria and does not have anything to do with what the bacteria survive on?

    On another note is there a website or book out there that if I know what bacterial species I'm working with, it will tell me what chemical pathways are present (ie gluconeogenesis, glycolysis).

    I'm trained as a chemist so please forgive me if my question is trivial.
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    That distinction doesn't mean that it can't survive on glycerol. It means that the pathways present create acidic byproducts from glucose but not glycerol.
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