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What does QM hint about time-space?

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    Does QM hint at time-space being an emergent, rather than a fundamental, property/constituent of nature?

    In what ways?

    Electromagnetic (EM) fields are assumed to pervade all of time-space.

    Which is more fundamental?
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    Standard QM and QFT use space-time as a background, I don't think they give any hint at the structure or properties of space-time. Maybe symmetries are the only thing touching on the subject, but other than that...it's really difficult to define a time operator (as an observable), but I could be wrong.

    However , from what I understand, with LQG, it's a whole different story.
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    No - it hints that nature may be fundamentally modeled by generalised probability models.

    QM is fundamental - Maxwell's equations follow from QED - not the other way around.

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