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What does the moment of inertia depend on?

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    What does the moment of inertia depend on?

    -Angular velocity
    -Shape of the object
    -Location of axis of rotation

    Well, I think the location of the axis of rotation matters because it sets a reference point. I'm not sure about the others. Doesn't it also depend on how the mass of the object is distributed? So would that be the mass or shape of the object, or both? Also, moment of inertia was defined to be the resistance to the change of angular acceleration. But does that mean that it's dependent on the angular velocity?

    Am I missing anything from above or incorrectly included any?
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    Look up the definition of moment of inertia, it will provide you a direct answer instantly.
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    yes if i remember correctly they are all factors of the moment of inertia except for the angular velocity which is a variable
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