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Homework Help: What does this equation mean? [Exponentials]

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    So I'm trying to come up with 2 exponential function for a question, one we do by hand and one with technology. So on graphmatica, it came up with: y = exp(0.0211x - 28.95) which I have no idea what it means.

    I thought the equation was supposed to be in y= a*b^x
    Is it possible to change it to the y= a*b^x form?

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    Yes recall your exponential algebra a^(x + y) = a^x * a^y


    y = e ^ ( a * b ) = ( e ^ a ) ^ b

    With these you should easily be able to convert it.
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    "exp" means e to some power. Are you familiar with the number e, which is about 2.718?

    exp(0.0211x - 28.95) means e0.0211x - 28.95
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