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What equipment is used to do transmutation and how do they use it?

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    Is it expensive?
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    Do you mean transmutation of one element into another? Typically this uses a target material which is inserted into a tube that moves the target into the middle of a reactor so it can be neutron activated.
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    Yes exactly. Does this process change the number of protons in the atom for it's known that the atomic number characterizes the element.
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    Yes, if you add one or more neutrons to a nucleus it might undergo beta decay and become a different element.
    It is not expensive to generate "some" new nuclei, but it is expensive to produce macroscopic amounts. In addition, you usually get a composition of some stable and some radioactive isotopes. For a practical application, you might have to separate them, which is expensive, too.
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    To put "not expensive" in perspective here, you still need the reactor or particle accelerator. This is not a workroom table experiment.
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