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Homework Help: What equpment can be used to time a quick blow fuse

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    What equpment can be used to time a "quick blow" fuse

    Hi everyone,
    I just received a planning and design lab that requries me to measure the time taken to for a "quick blow" fuse to blow when the current in the equipment it is in, rises above the predetermined point. The times being dealt with are in milliseconds and so I have no idea what basic lab equipment can be used to measure these kinds of times. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    so far all I could come up with is a normal hand held stop watch that should be started when the current reaches the maximum current that the equipment could handle and stopped when the courrent reaches zero. The reaction time of the person doing the timing should be deducted from the results.
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    Re: What equpment can be used to time a "quick blow" fuse


    You can just connect a scope across the fuse. Observe the I/t graph on the scope and when the fuse blows the current on the scope will drop to zero. Just calculte how how it was before the current went to zero.
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