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What experiments are lined up to test gravity

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    I was wondering about what experiments are planned or being done now to test the properties of gravity, such as is there a graviton, is MOND real, and other such questions. As I recall there were (maybe still are) a group of Washington scientists working on a torsion pendulum experiment that hoped to measure fluctuations in gravity down to 1mm. Also, as we know LISA will be online in 2014 to measure if there are gravity waves and other things. So are there any other experiments you know of running or scheduled?
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    LIGO is looking for gravitons. theres a uk dark matter collaboration or coalition or something. dark matter telescopes... MACHO etc.

    im still waiting for apples to fall off my tree
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    LIGO is looking for gravitational wave, isn't it

    or I misunderstanding about LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory)

    if I wrong , Can you explain me about how LIGO is searching for gravitons ?
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    yes, LIGO, i forgot about LIGO.
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