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Engineering What field of engineering should I go into

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    I am currently on track to graduate with a BS in physics, looking to get an MS in some field of engineering, I am trying to decide between EE and ME, can anyone give me some advice as to what the average day looks like for EE's and ME's, also im going to be looking for a job in the US so any advice as far as future job prospects (irrespective of pay) would be nice. from what I already know VSLI job prospects look horrid in the US, is that still true/look to be true in the future.
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    the day to day life of a electrical engineer is mostly spent in a lab. they focus on circuits,optics , voltage, and electronic design. i have no idea what mechanical engineers do. but you should experiment a little, maybe take some classes of both.

    PS. i don't know what the starting salary for an electrical engineer but the aaverage maximum salary is 101,000. and a VSLI jobs are not as bad as they used to be.
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    thanks for the preview, honestly in either, or any engineering I enter (oddly im not really sold on any 1 field except I want to avoid working with too much biology ,so BioE is out) I really REALLY want to go into R&D, or at least work on more unusual contracts (examples would be designing part of the new nasa mars rover vs designing the wiring and electrical systems for a building). any advice on that, am I shooting the moon with that idea or is it closer to reality than I think.

    also what sub field of EE are you in/ did u concentrate in while you were in school?

    EDIT: Im also considering Aerospace as well, In the end it seems like I have no real affinity to any one field of engineering so long as I feel I can do well in the masters program (which is why im not going BioE) basically I just want to problem solve, the more complicated the better, anything to get my brain working Also how important would it be for me to start the process of getting my PE after the masters degree, I would still need 18 credit hours of engineering classes after the 30 from the masters degree, I will hopefully get that with post bacc prereqs for the masters degree before NCEES will consider my education "equivalent" to an ABET BEng

    are there masters degrees in either ME or EE that would focus on mechatronics?
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    As ME, you can choose your work to be either in the field or in office as design guy.

    The career in field rewards more and lets you learn and groom yourself more. Design may be a bit underpaid but there's peace in life in terms of routine and work environment
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