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What forces are used in AFM measurements?

  1. May 7, 2009 #1
    I am asked 'name 3 example of interactions that can be measured by AFM techniques', then followed by 'name 3 examples of the types of interaction forces that are measured with AFM'.

    1) Aren't interactions kinda the same as interaction forces?

    2) I thought there is only one force, van de Waals, and that the interaction is that of dipoles interacting with each other, what are the other two or am I missing something deeper?

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    With a regular AFM you will usually have Van der Waals forces but also electrostatic forces if there is free charge on the surface (or cantilever), capillary forces from the water (or other liquids) and you may have chemical bonding (lik ein protein unfolding experiments).

    By using specially designed cantilevers you can measure electrostatic and magnetic forces too (EFM and MFM).
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