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What if my internship isn't really that helpful?

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    I have an internship with Lockheed Martin. The actual division of LM is interesting and something I'd like to do for the summer. However, when you apply for a job there, they interview you for a general intern position, in engineering. They know that I'm a computer engineering student... will they give me some type of work related to it?

    I don't want them to give me some work in manufacturing engineering or anything, but rather something related to EE. Let's say they give me a "Systems engineering" type job... what affect will that have on me for a full-time job search, when I'm done? Ive had one job already as a manufacturing process analyst intern at a company and that's what landed me an internship with LM. In my objective, I have it so it says that I'm interested in an EE/CompE internship.
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    Its hard to say...The hard thing about Comp Eng if you don't have a Masters or PHD they won't let you touch hardware design from what I hear.

    My professor who works with intel said a Masters is required to even start designing, a PhD is prefered in Comp Eng if you want to design hardware.

    if you have a 4 year degree in Comp Eng you'll most likely be writing test benches in VHDL/verilog to test the designs.

    My one friend at cisco and my other friend at verizon are comp eng and they had very sucky internships. They didn't have enough experience to do anything. So the one at cisco just ended up moving around big servers and doing trouble shooting.

    The one at verizon did the same, the same type of job IST majors get lol.

    So it all depends on the company. Lets hope it is a useful internship. Make sure at the interview you want to know what you'll be working on or what type of projects past comp eng students have worked on so you get a feel for what your getting yourself into.
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