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What is a BA in Mathematical Sciences?

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    The topic title says it all. Some schools offer what they call a bachelors in mathematical sciences while others offer a bachelors in mathematics. What is the difference between the two? Are they the same thing or are there major differences?

    I'm asking because I'm trying to earn a degree in mathematics through distance learning since I'm in the military stationed overseas. So any schools that y'all know of that offer a good maths degree would be fantastic.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Don't most college and university web sites list the courses which are required for each degree?
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    Mathematical Sciences is probably a broad term for any interdisciplinary program in mathematics.

    My particular math program of study at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor was a program in the mathematical sciences, but my major is still listed as Mathematics on my transcript. I studied mathematical economics. They have listed programs in mathematical finance, mathematical physics, operations research, mathematical biology, algorithmic methods, etc.
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    At my school, the Mathematical Sci program contains mandatory 3rd and 4th year computer science and statistics courses. But in the B.Sc. Math, they are suggested but not required.
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