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What is a good number of graduate schools to apply to?

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    I have about 10 schools that I'm interested in but I think that may be too many and maybe I should narrow it down to like 6 or 7. Is 10 too many or should I just go ahead and apply to all of them? Would applying to 10 schools take twice as much of my time as applying to 5 or would it just take a little bit longer to apply to 10 schools than 5?
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    Keep in mind that it also costs money to apply to these schools. If you're able to winnow out a few of them, you'll save both time and money.
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    I presume you're doing the tried-and-true method of applying to a few "safe" schools that you're confident you will make, a few that are a bit of a stretch, and maybe one or two long shots.

    If so, I think 6 or 7 is a good number. Like Jack mentioned, each application will cost a bit of $ so keep that in mind.

    I think the bulk of time will go to writing your essay, getting letters of recommendation, ordering transcripts, that sort of thing. So applying to 10 won't take twice as long as applying to 5.

    Caveat: there can be great variation between colleges in the length of application forms, so what I said could be way off!
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    If you are least bothered about money: Apply to all the "target schools" in your case 10 of them, 2-3 "safety schools" and "2-3" "above-the-target-schools"(if they do not fall under your target schools)!

    If you do care about money: Apply to 2 safety schools, 5 target schools and 2 above the target schools(if they do not fall under your target schools)!

    P.S: Before applying to any of the schools, do as much research as possible about the possibility of your success of application, ask your seniors, professors, email the current students and ask them about their background, scores, etc,. MONEY MATTERS!!
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