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What is Cards Against Humanity ?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    What is "Cards Against Humanity"?

    I notice the number one best seller on Amazon today is a game called "Cards Against Humanity". How does that work and why is it so popular - if it really is.
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    It's similar to apples to apples, but for twisted minds.

    It's a decent game among friends, especially those with dark humor/perverse humor. I like it well enough, especially with friends and a few drinks.
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    I read the wiki link but it didn't explain anything about the games 'twisted' side. I take it the goal is to select the most twisted possible answer to the question from the cards you hold?
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    Yep, for examples go HERE
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    It's crystal clear now. Thanks.
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    A game with the best toilet humour being the goal.
    Would Victoria say " I am not ammused!"?
    Drinks definetely not optional.
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