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  1. 1

    What is the difference between FMESH and MESH in MCNP?

    Hi everyone, I am struggling to understand the difference between FMESH and MESH. FMESH is used to create a mesh superimposed with the geometry but...what does MESH? Is it only involved in weight-window generation and not needed for mesh tallies? Thanks in advance for the clarification.
  2. S

    Probability of getting the smallest value of cards

    There are 3 cases of getting 2 as smallest values: (1) Taking one card (n = 1) → Probability = 1/4 (2) Taking two cards (n = 2) → Probability = 1/4 x 2/3 x 2! = 1/3 (3) Taking three cards (n = 3) → Probability = 1/4 x 1/3 x 1/2 x 3! = 1/4 Total probability = 1/4 + 1/3 + 1/4 = 5/6 But the...
  3. M

    I Max of 3 random cards from deck vs max of 3 numbers from 1-13

    Hi PF! I am wondering the differences between the discrete and continuous case for expected value of minimum of 3 integers uniformly distributed from 1 to 13 vs 3 reals from 1 to 13. The real case is direct: ##F = ((x-1)/12)^3 \implies f = 3(x-1)/12)^2## for CDF ##F## and PDF ##f##. Thus the...
  4. S

    How many cards can be taken at most while satisfying a certain rule?

    The answer is 33 (based on the answer key). At first, I thought Paul can just take all the 100 cards on 1st draw but since the answer is 33, obviously this thought is wrong. So I assume that the rule (2n + 2) must always be satisfied for each turn and all the cards must be taken (no card...
  5. murshid_islam

    Probability of Two Consecutive Same-Value Cards in a Shuffled Deck

    Not really a homework question. I was reading a book on card tricks and it said that it's almost certain that in a shuffled deck of cards, there will be at least two consecutive cards of the same value. I just wanted to know the actual probability of that. So, here's my question: in a standard...
  6. chwala

    Find the probability of choosing exactly 4 red cards

    Find the question and solution here ( sorry its a bit blurred) ... given using the hypergeometric method...i wanted to understand what is the clear distinction between hypergeometric and binomial distribution? Could it be in in reference to no replacement and replacement...? My approach on this...
  7. L

    MHB Combinatorics: Ordering a deck of cards

    Dear all, I am trying to calculate this one, I can't think of a way to calculate it.. A standard deck of cards is given with 13 cards of 4 shapes ( Clubs , Diamonds , Hearts , Spades ). What is the number of possibilities to order the cards in the deck such that a king won't be on top of an...
  8. kyphysics

    Do You Put the $ Amount on Gift Cards?

    If you buy someone a gift card, do you put the dollar amount value on it somewhere (usually on the sleeve it comes with)? I've done both before, but don't know what the "custom" is. I've given cards to friends without writing an amount and just talking to them later to confirm they got it...
  9. A

    What does the number 0.62 in MCNP refer to?

    What does the number 0.62 refer to? Does it the water density at high temperature?
  10. M

    Probability of Getting 1 Jack when taking 5 cards from a deck

    Hi, I was looking through probability questions and attempting it. Question: (a) What is the probability of picking up ONLY one jack when taking 5 cards from a 52 card deck (b) Considering that in the first 3 cards there is a jack what is the probability that the jack was the first card to be...
  11. T

    Probability of Receiving 2-4-6-7-Queen-King Sequence from 40 Cards

    A quick translation of the question: We have a deck of 40 cards, containing four suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs), in which each suit has an ace, a queen, a jack, a king and six number cards (2 to 7). From the deck, six cards are distributed randomly and successively to a player who picks...
  12. bob012345

    Robocalls "Thanks to the financial stimulus, your credit cards...."

    I keep getting this robocall that begins with Thanks to the financial stimulus, your credits card companies have lowered your rates...Just out of curiosity I hit the '1' key and asked the operator to not call again at which they promptly hung up without a word. At another opportunity when they...
  13. Frigus

    How to prevent the loss of anki cards

    I have created almost 6000 anki cards on ankidroid(android) and I get nightmares about loosing them by deletion(of course mistakenly) or due to some 5 year old monster who just wants to delete them for fun. I sync the cards daily and I am unsure if I will be able to get my cards back if they get...
  14. marialovesphysics

    Data Management - Probability of Cards

    Here is my work so far: 52-13=39 There are 39 decks of cards left since the spades were removed. a) Then there 13 hearts therefore, (13/39 ) * (13/39 ) that would be two hearts but I am not sure what to do next. But I am sure that it would be 39 cards and 13 hearts on top (maybe) cus it is...
  15. Wrichik Basu

    Storing cards with magnetic strips/chips (eg. credit cards) close to one another

    I recently bought a https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X37P81D/?tag=pfamazon01-20 for storing our credit and debit cards, and similar cards with magnetic strips and/or chips. But father insists on not using it. He says that storing such cards close to one another will have adverse effects, as...
  16. Wrichik Basu

    Two x-GB RAM cards ##\neq## one 2x-GB card?

    Say you have a computer (desktop or laptop), and you have, say, 8GB total of RAM. There are two options to get a total of 8GB: 1. Use two 4GB cards. 2. Use one 8GB card. The mechanic who services our desktop says that using two RAM cards is not equivalent to using one single card. He says...
  17. gsyz

    I Card Draw Probability with 2 copies of the same card

    I understand that the odds of drawing one of the unique cards in the first 7 is expressed as 29c6 / 30c7 where NcK is "N choose K" or Binomial[N,K] in Mathematica. Am I correct in using the following to answer my original question? Let q be the first card of interest and q' be the second...
  18. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Number of Possible Sums with 1-15 Cards

    There are 8 cards with number 10 on them, 5 cards with number 100 on them and 2 cards with number 500 on them. How many distinct sums are possible using from 1 to all of the 15 cards?Answer given is 143. But my logic is for any sum, at least 2 numbers are needed. So, there are $\binom{15} {2}...
  19. Z

    Struggling to understand cell cards in MCNP

    For example, I don't understand slide 4, line 4 of the link below. I know that the first three numbers are the cell number, material number and density of water. But what do the next 6 numbers mean (2, -1, 4, -3, 5, -6)? Similarly on line 8, what do -0.001293 (101, -102, -100) mean? Thank you...
  20. J

    MHB Solution: Sharing Cards - How Many are Shared Among 20+ Children?

    20 children share some cards equally. When another child joins them, they each get 2 fewer cards. How many cards are they sharing altogether? My answer: children = ch cards = cd => cd/ch but when another child joins them, they get 2 fewer cards. So, ch = cds - 2. then I did cd/20(cds - 2)...
  21. J

    MHB Deck of cards without replacement

    I have a standard 52 card deck of cards. I am trying to draw the ace of spades. I draw cards one at a time. I do not replace each incorrect card. I am about to draw my 50th card having drawn 49 consecutive cards without ever drawing the ace of spades. There are three cards left. I know that...
  22. M

    MHB How Many Baseball Cards Could Each Person Have Received at the Stadium?

    On a Saturday, a minor league baseball team gave away baseball cards to each person entering the stadium. One group received 28 baseball cards. A second group received 68 baseball cards. If each person entering the stadium received the same number of cards. What was the greatest possible number...
  23. P

    MCNP Error: JCO, Cell Cards & Surface Cards

    hi everyone, i have a mcnp error, it don't finish, it only run a half! i hope someone can help me! thank you! and my code JCO c cell cards 1 1 -0.00117 -100 300 2 2 -1.52 (-100:-101) -300 #1 $solution 3 4 -7.93 (-110:-111)#1#2 $clad 4 3 -1 (-200:-201)#3#1#2 $water 5 4 -7.93...
  24. B

    MHB Probability: Choosing From A Deck Of Cards

    Hey there! So the problem is like this: We choose 10 random cards from a normal deck of cards(52 cards). What is the probability that we get: a. 0 aces b. maximum 3 aces c. at least 1 ace and at least one face card I'm unsure which formula I should use. I have thought that maybe the sample...
  25. R

    Probabilistic Analysis of Drawing Cards and Dice Rolls for Success Conditions

    I am looking for a way to think about this type of problem and this is not a coursework problem 1. Homework Statement How many cards from a 52 card deck of ordinary playing cards would you have to draw to have either a flush or 4 of a kind If you have a 30 6 sided dice, how many dice rolls...
  26. L

    Computations Using Playing Cards

    EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITY OF PERFORMING COMPUTATIONS WITH PLAYING CARDS I was listening to an interview with John Conway yesterday and the conversation turned to his "Game of Life". Conway mentioned that Life can be configured in such a way that it can perform arbitrary computations. This got...
  27. D

    How Many Ways to Deal Two Distinct Pairs in a Four-Card Hand?

    Homework Statement 4 cards are dealt from a 52-card deck. How many hands contain 2 distinct pairs? Homework Equations This is an expression I come up with 13C1x4C2x12C1x4C2. The Attempt at a Solution This is how I approach it. From the 13 ranks, I choose 1. In this rank, I choose 2 cards from...
  28. T

    How widespread are debit cards in the US?

    Where I live, using a debit card when paying is the norm pretty much all around, and using cash is quite rare. I've heard that in the US using a card isn't that customary? And if you do you need to sign in addition to entering the PIN? Are establishments where cash is all they'll accept common?
  29. M

    Quantum What's So Attractive About Sneaking a Look at God's Cards?

    Looks like the title above is popular among physics philosophers and laymen who are interested in QM. I am neither of them by the way, I am a genuine physics student who just got enticed again with QM despite having taken this course some years ago. I would like to know what's so attractive...
  30. J

    How polarized test image cards work

    in optical stores.. you can see polarized sunglasses test card with image (like boat or trees). when you wear the polarized sunglasses, you can see the image that you won't see with normal eyes or normal glasses. i know polarized sunglasses work by filtering and seeing only the vertical light...
  31. Silicon Waffle

    Local bank advertise their credit cards

    First, I have to tell you that I don't have money and usually am not in need for shopping online or offline. But lately some local Citi bank's employees have been calling me repeatedly to advertise their platinum VISA credit cards. They say they will deposit into my account $2000 in advance and...
  32. B

    Guessing cards: is 3 for 3 more improbable than 3 for 4?

    3 for 3 means guessing the first, second, and third cards of a pack without trying a fourth time... and 3 for 4 means guessing the first, second, and third correctly, but trying and missing the fourth. I think both are conditional (dependent) without replacement. I see a form for 2 guesses that...
  33. Grinkle

    Does the sequence of a deck of cards have significance?

    If I open a new deck of cards the sequence is known. If I shuffle them, the sequence is unknown. If I then memorize the sequence, it is again known. State 1: New deck State 2: Shuffled deck State 3: Shuffled deck after I have memorized the sequence State 4: Re-shuffled deck I have computed...
  34. TheMathNoob

    Probability problem -- Drawing cards with different colors on their 2 sides

    Homework Statement A box contains three cards. One card is red on both sides, one card is green on both sides, and one card is red on one side and green on the other. One card is selected from the box at random, and the color on one side is observed. If this side is green, what is the...
  35. W

    What Is the Probability of Distributing Spades Among Players in a Card Game?

    Homework Statement If you have a 52card deck and split it evenly to 4 people (a,b,c,d) then what is the probability that persons a and b have 7 spades and person c has 3 spades. Homework Equations P(A) = |A|/|S| The Attempt at a Solution I divided up the decks 4 ways. So Persons a and b...
  36. J

    Quantum State of Cards: Is the Top Card Set Before Viewing?

    I can understand that the state of a particle is not known or even determined until it is viewed. What about a deck of cards that have been thoroughly shuffled and not looked at. Can the top card take on the value of any card before they are looked at or are they set at the time they are...
  37. D

    Sorting/shuffling machine for trading cards (sports, Magic+)

    I work with a company that buys and sells millions of trading cards every year but the majority of these are sold for fractions of a penny if they're sold at all. From what I can see there are two options for this company to get more out of these cards, both of which are incredibly...
  38. R

    Cards and envelopes permutation problem

    Homework Statement Six cards and six envelopes are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 and cards are to be placed in envelopes so that each envelope contains exactly one card and no card is placed in the envelope bearing the same number and moreover the card numbered 1 is always placed in envelope numbered 2...
  39. sophiecentaur

    Protecting credit cards from contactless theft

    The contactless card payment system is very handy but there is talk of the possibility of skimming a card by brushing against a victim's wallet with a simple gizmo. In fact, I've seen it done on TV. What are the thoughts about how effective the screening could be with a piece of foil placed in...
  40. Lenus

    Drawing three cards - combined probability

    In a game of Open Face Chinese poker, I encounter this problem quite often. One draws three cards at a time and one of these cards must be discarded, so two of three drawn cards can be used. A typical problem and question in this game would be: What is the probability of drawing one spade AND...
  41. cpscdave

    Designations after name on business cards

    Hi everyone hoping for some input here. I'm the process of ordering some business cards and am wondering what makes sense to include as designations after my name. I am an Engineer In Training based on local rules (Alberta, Canada) Prior to getting my B.Eng I also have a BSc in Computer...
  42. edward

    Walmart will exchange gift cards from 200 other retailers

    There have been several other smaller companies doing this for a few years now. It looks like Walmart is getting into it big time. I checked and my $100 Home Depot card is worth $87 at Walmart. How can I resist a deal kike that...
  43. Lenus

    Probability of Deck of Cards, ignoring suits

    I am looking for a way of calculating the possible combinations of a standard deck of 52 cards. I am aware of the 52! number, which is the total no of combinations 52 cards can form in a deck, but would like to know how to determine the total no of combinations if the suits are ignored. Thanks...
  44. C

    What is the best way to fuse two credit cards together?

    I want to fuse two of my chip cards together. If not for convenience, then just for fun. My plan is to cut them and use PVC cement to weld them together. What would be the best pattern to cut out the cards in? Any suggestions?
  45. M

    MHB Counting problem involving numbered cards

    How to solve ii (b) ? Thanks in advance.
  46. nomadreid

    Elementary point about measurable cards

    Just refreshing my understanding of measurable cardinals, the first step (more questions may follow, but one step at a time) is to make sure I understand the conditions: one of them is For a (an uncountable) measurable cardinal κ, there exists a non-trivial, 0-1-valued measure μ on P(κ)...
  47. N

    Drawing cards in poker - why is my answer wrong?

    Homework Statement When drawing a poker hand (5 cards), what is the probability to get a single pair?The Attempt at a Solution This is my (wrong) line of thought: The first draw can be any card, so you have 52 options. For each of these cards you have 3 options to get a pair, so 52*3 in total...
  48. D

    Shuffling cards (a list of integers)

    Hi, I found this problem along with the solution: "Given 
the integers

a deck
  49. G

    Probability problems with 52 cards deck

    Hi, I am given some questions and I need help. (1)You are dealt two cards from a pack of 52 cards. What is the conditional probability that (a) both of them are aces if at least one of them is the ace of spades? (b) both of them are aces if at least one of them is an ace? a) I know...
  50. S

    What is Cards Against Humanity ?

    What is "Cards Against Humanity"? I notice the number one best seller on Amazon today is a game called "Cards Against Humanity". How does that work and why is it so popular - if it really is.