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Engineering What is computer engineering about?

  1. Nov 10, 2017 #1
    • OP has been reminded not to multiple post on the same subject, and to keep the discussion in his original thread (see the link in a later post below)
    HI guys, what's is your personal opinion about the degree in computer engineering?
    Which subjects usually computer engineering students have to deal with ?
    It is considerate an innovative degree?

    Does anyone know something about the Degree in computer engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan?

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    Yes, but we didn't finish the conversation.
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    There are multiple points in that thread about what CPE is, the kind of work, and the jobs.

    As to opinion, its a good (possibly one of the best) degree for embedded systems and anything involving digital hardware design. It allows you to branch to hardware, software, or both
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    What are embedded systems ?
    I don't think that a computer engineering degree gives the possibility to be a hardware design, that is something for electronic engineers
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    @Grands -- Multiple posting the same subject is not allowed. Please keep the conversation in your original thread. This version is closed.
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