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What is correct write about photon?

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    What is correct to write about photon in English? I can’t difference the next.
    First variant:
    The photon characterized a wave's and a particle's properties.
    A photon characterized the waves and the particles properties.
    A photon characterized a wave's and a particle's properties.
    It is more difficult than to understand what is the wave-particle duality for me.
    Duality is very simple sense if appear a local test particle in De Broigle waves background.
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    A photon exhibits wave and particle properties in different circumstances.

    It isn't quite right to say a photon is characterized by these properties, since that would imply that they, by themselves, define what it is to be a photon, and in fact wave-particle duality is characteristic of all quantum particles. The photon is characterized as the boson that mediates the electromagnetic interactions.
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    Thank you very much.
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