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What is digital bandwidth finder

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    I was watching this video 07:37 there is instrument called digital bandwidth finder written on it.
    what it do?
    There is standard dish and High definition dish.
    will coaxial wire used with LNB and feed horn are same for both broadcasting?
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    What video?
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    Confused ?
    Bandwidth finder or bandwidth filter ?

    A “digital filter” now refers to a numerical algorithm used to process digitised data.
    In microwave technology “digital filter” or “interdigital flter” refers to a physical structure “distributed element filter” used to select a band of wavelength. A digital filter has a number of coupled resonant elements that looks like fingers on a hand, all grounded at one end. An interdigital filter looks like two hands with alternate resonators connected at opposite ends, like two hands with interlaced fingers.
    See; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_element_filter#Stub_band-pass_filters
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    Bandwidth finder yes
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    In analog signal filter mean at different frequency it is modulated.
    But in case of Digital how filter work?
    The signal is stored in memory and modulated by PWM i think

    here is the video
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