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What is ferromagnetic memories ?

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    What is ferromagetic memories ?

    I need matter on this help me plz, searching so many webs cant get proper matter :(
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    Try googling 'core memory'
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    In short it is like this , you have a wire going through an ferromagnetic ring, you can have two poles , pass the current in one way and you have N S pass it the other way and you have S N ,So for a given input you have either one or the other output , now insert the binary code in all of this and you get either 0 or 1.
    have many of these wires going through many rings and you have many ones and zeros and now you can compute some information. + you can store it because the ferromagnetic piece if not distracted will stay at it's last state for a while (keeping it's magnetic polarity) atleast some materials tend to do this.
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