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What is HP's memory-driven computing?

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    If it is what I think it is, then the idea is that what you lose in memory resource you gain it in the time resource. So in simple words if a program is made to run using 1GB of memory and takes 1hour to complete, you can make a different program that will compute the same thing but using say 4GB of memory but this second program will take only 0.5hour to complete. The constants are not directly proportional, it depends on the program and what it computes, you might need 10x or even 100x the memory to drop the time required by a factor of 2 (half the time). And of course it is not guaranteed that this method works for all sorts of programs. There is a theorem in computational complexity theory about this but right now I cant remember the name of it or its exact formulation.
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    linux as on-chip firmware with optical fiber buses?
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