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What is meant by this statement?

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    stop the iteration when Euclid norm of the residual
    vector between SOR solution and GE solution becomes less than
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    The Euclidean norm of a vector ##\mathbf x=(x_1,\dots,x_n)## is denoted by ##|\mathbf x|## and defined by
    $$|\mathbf x| =\sqrt{(x_1)^2+\cdots+(x_n)^2}.$$ If you want more help, you will have to provide more details. What is the SOR solution and the GE solution?
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    thank you for replying;
    SOR is : successive over-relaxation method.
    GE: Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting
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    Then what it says is "run two numerical approximations, the "SOR" and "GE", simultaneously. Stop when the difference between the two solutions is less than 0.00001."
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