What is more reactive carbon or phosphor

  1. also what is more reactive sulfur or nitrogen. ...
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  3. what make depends nonmetals to be reactive
  4. A phosphor is a material which can emit emr at a frequency different from the frequency it is absorbing it at.
    If you are not a fluent English speaker, you should check your spelling and meaning before posting.
    I assume you meant phosphorous.
    Do you mean which chemical element, carbon or phosphorous, is most stable at STP? I suggest you learn some General Chemistry before posting here, this is not the forum to teach you chemistry (or English). A good place for you to start is to read Wikipedia on Carbon and Phosphorous (etc.). Both N and S are found elementally, but S is not stable elementally at STP over the long term. The answer to your third question is: their nature. More precisely, the relative free energy of the products compared to that of the reactants. I am sorry if this answer means nothing to you, you need to be able to walk before you can run.
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