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Medical What is serotonin?

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    Hey everyone,

    As I read online about serotonin. It is about the act of depression and mood and so on. What is it exactly? If someone had a user name of serotonin, is there a reason why 83 is followed? As I can remember she is a drug addicted. But serotonin 83. What is it about? Thank you for any replies.
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    It would mean there are 82 previous users who liked that name. Or that she's born on August 3rd, or March 8th. Or whatever.

    The 83 is surely as significant as, say, 426913.

    I wouldn't put any weight in the meaning of a username. Really, it's just a way of being clever and memorable. I doubt user Schrodinger's Dog is really a dog at all.

    As for what seratonin is, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serotonin" [Broken].
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    jim mcnamara

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    For a starting point Wikipedia is okay. But due to ignorance and questionable motives(my opinion) a lot of entries there become "defaced" in various ways. You cannot trust 'em.
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    Serotonin is a 'neurotransmitter' (which are chemicals that pretty much create signals between neurons within the brain) that regulates things like anger or body temprature, but it's more noteable for it's sleep coordination.

    As you stated she was 'drug addicted', it might be because serotonin is released within the brain from SOME drugs, things such as 'E' or over the counter drugs like anti-depressants.

    The '83' on the end of the name means nothing, just the same as if I were called Markface01, probably just means someone has taken the original name is all.

    Hope that helps.
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