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What is the best possible way to get into quant as EE

  1. Feb 8, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone. I searched this forum but couldnt get a good answer! In my country there are few jobs available as quant but one of the companys that hires them went to my university 5 months ago in a carrer fair. They were looking for a engineer graduate to apply and train as quant.

    I finished my EE masters with focus on automation and would like to have a shot because thats my goal right now.

    Ive been doing research at my university (the best in engineering in my country) and I might make my PhD there, altough I wouldnt want that.

    Right now Im studying several quant themes and will try to go further and play with real money if I have to build a portfolio (so to say).

    My question is, what is the possible best way to get into the field? My research right now in University involves applying and thinking in a lot of algorithms.

    Is it better for me to get a IT or programming job and applying when I have curriculum enought or is it better to go PhD?
    Sorry for the english!
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    I know two people that have become quants who were prior to that either co-workers or grad school classmates.

    One of them got an MBA from Stanford (focused on financial engineering). Now she works for one of the big-name banks and has a big place with her husband in Manhattan.

    The other got an MBA from Columbia. He spent some time at a hedge fund, made a bundle, and now is an angel tech investor.

    I stayed technical, designing circuits, and I still rent a two-bedroom apartment. Maybe there is a lesson in there...

    My advice is if you know you want to be a quant get an MBA . I don't think a PhD in EE is going to help you achieve your goals.
  4. Feb 9, 2016 #3
    Maybe tyou stayed there cause you like what you do ;)

    But really, I have no money neither work experience to get me a MBA. In my country the best way to do that is going to consulting and after that the company send you to the MBA.

    When I was kid I wanted a work related to stock market, and after going to the carrer fair I learn I could have that.

    Right now im doing a online course on quant trading, but will try to get into a post grad (i think its called this way in the USA) into a field wich has alot to do with it. Buut right now in my prospects of a future job in the sotck market, is it better to work in a EE related field until I get that job or is it better to go into a more software related field or even staying at research in University?
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    It's interesting that the two people you know who went on to become quants pursued their MBA to enter that path, because of all of the people I know who became quants (I know of 6 people), none of them have their MBA (2 of them have a MS in statistics, 1 has a Masters in applied math, 1 has a PhD in math, and 2 have PhDs in physics). I was even told that some firms will actually reject those with MBAs for quant roles.
  6. Feb 9, 2016 #5
    You don't learn anything useful technical-wise doing an MBA. You do it because it is so expensive and it shows that some business thought you had enough talent for them to pay you to do an MBA. You do it for the networking and the prestige. An MBA that's not at a top school is useless btw. If the MBA is affordable, it doesn't show your employer was grooming you for management.

    Also quantitative economics and MBA don't really line up if you ask me. Two different things.
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    Statguy2000: That is interesting. In the case of my former colleagues they both have PhDs in Electrical Engineering, maybe that is why it worked out for them? I'm not close enough to ask them about it. If nothing else, I've got two data points where people were not rejected due to MBAs (assuming I'm correct they were doing quant roles and not investment banking type stuff... I'm pretty sure the Hedge Fund guy was doing programming).

    Asteropaeus: Do you have an MBA? My best childhood friend retired from the military a few years ago and got an MBA (from a top school). He shared some of his assignments with me. They were extremely technical. This guy (my friend) has an MS in EE from Stanford and he was quite challenged. Perhaps it depends on the school and/or the emphasis of the program?
  8. Feb 9, 2016 #7
    Im kind of still in the same place. Have no idea what to do next? Should I go for what in order to pursue a quant carreer?
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